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Privatyoga Videos Elke Lechner
Privatyoga Videos mit Elke Lechner
Privatyoga Videos mit Elke Lechner

A regular yoga practice can help you on many different levels. It is important that the yoga exercises are adapted to your symptoms, your wishes and goals, your individual needs and requirements.

For this reason, I offer you the opportunity to order a tailor-made yoga exercise video from me.

What is the procedure?

First we discuss your current situation as well as your goals and wishes in a detailed conversation. According to your instructions you will then receive a video with your individual exercise program including all instructions and hints.

Of course we will stay in constant contact during your program, so that you can always ask me about individual exercises or contact me if you have any problems.

Together we will reach your goals!

​​Below you can order your individual yoga video for 60 US-Dollar via Paypal. After receipt of the payment I will contact you immediately and we will discuss the exact procedure and all details.

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