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Naked Yoga 40_2 – 2 top exercises that stretch the quadratus lomborus (deep abdominal muscle)

Naked Yoga News Week 40_2020

Yoga - lower back pain?

Lower back pain? This muscle is almost always involved.

With these two top exercises you stretch the quadratus lumborus (deep abdominal muscles) and eliminate your back pain! 

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Yoga - lower back pain?

Quadratus lumborus - the deep abdominal muscle

Quadratus lumborus means translated as square and lying in the lower back. An abdominal muscle that lies in the lower back? Sounds strange, but it is so. The muscle, which really has an approximately square shape, runs from the iliac crest to the lower ribs and thus spans virtually the entire lower back.

And it is very often responsible for pain that manifests itself in the lower back, but also in the buttocks or the back of the thighs.

Slipped disc or quadratus lumborus?
Attention! It is not easy for the layman to distinguish whether the pain in the lower back is caused by a herniated disc or the quadratus lumborus. Therefore, in case of doubt, always consult a specialist and have this clarified with orthopedic, neurological or chiropractic tests.

Frequently, malpositions or blockages in the lumbar spine and in the area of the pelvis are also the cause, which lead to tension in the quadratus lumborus and are then responsible for the back pain.

Conclusion: Stretching the muscles is always good, because it leads to relaxation on the physical and subsequently also on the mental level. If you have been suffering from problems in your lower back for a long time or from time to time and the diagnosis of a slipped disc is excluded, it may be due to tension in the quadratus lumborus. In this case the stretching exercises I show you in my video can help you quickly and effectively. Just try it out!

I wish you a wonderful new week!

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Naked Yoga 39_20 – Mobility Training – Learn in 5 Steps the active standing forward bend – Part 3

Naked Yoga News Week 39_2020

Nackt Yoga - Mobility Training Teil 3

Naked Yoga Mobility Training - Learn in 5 steps the active standing forward bend - Part 3

Mobility-Training: Mit Köpfchen die Beweglichkeit verbessern

Exercises on the wall

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Naked Yoga mobility training Part 3

Happy and content in life?

"It is not the happy who are grateful - it is the grateful who are happy."
Sir Francis Bacon

Gratitude is an art that can be learned. It is a fast way to happiness and inner wealth. Again and again we have to remember it and practice gratitude.

Buddha is said to have exhorted his disciples with the following words:

Let us rise and be grateful, because if we have not learned much today, at least we have learned something, and if we have not learned something, at least we have not gotten sick, and if we did get sick, at least we have not died, so let us all be grateful together.

I wish you a wonderful and grateful new week!

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2 Naked Yoga 38_20 – Mobility Training – Learn in 5 Steps the active standing forward bend – Part 2

Naked Yoga News Week 38_2020

Nackt Yoga Mobility Training

Naked Yoga Mobility Training - Learn in 5 steps the active standing forward bend - Part 2

Mobility Training: Improving mobility on a smart way

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Naked Yoga Mobility Training Part 2

Until it works ...

Heroes don't know they are heroes until they find themselves in a dangerous situation and, despite their fear, simply do what needs to be done.

Nobody knows what he is capable of until he has tried it. But to try it only once and then quickly throw in the towel doesn't really count as an attempt.

A child who tries just once to stand on his little crooked legs and then gives up in frustration right after the first fall will never learn to walk.

Become the child of your life. If a project does not work, try again. If a relationship fails, learn from the mistakes and do better next time. If you are not making progress in your career or are unhappy in life, change the circumstances that are hindering you or your attitude towards the circumstances.

Forget who you seem to be and let yourself be surprised who you really are. Throw the old junk you carry around with you all your life overboard and become the hero of your life. 

And most important: Start now!

I wish you a wonderful and heroic new week!

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Naked Yoga 36_20 – 5 Top Allround exercises for the hip

Naked Yoga News Week 36_2020

Nackt Yoga die Top 5 Allround Übungen für die Hüfte

The 5 top all-round exercises for your hips

The most important exercises for a flexible hip and our mental well-being.

Did you know that your soul has its own muscle? It is the psoas muscle, which is a component of our hip muscles.

A free and flexible hip is not only very beneficial for many sports, but also for our health. Many back problems are caused by our hips. The hip represents the connection between the upper and lower body, so to speak. It is therefore a central element of our body.

The psoas muscle is one of the most important hip muscles. From an anatomical point of view, it originates on the right and left in the lower part of the lumbar spine, runs through the lower abdomen and pelvis and finally ends at the upper end of the thigh bone. Thus, the psoas muscle is the only muscle that is a direct connection between your spine and your legs!

Without the psoas muscle you would not be able to climb stairs or walk. Without it, you wouldn't even be able to stand upright because it supports the spine. In addition, the psoas has an effect on blood circulation, organ function and your diaphragmatic breathing.

But why is the psoas muscle also called the muscle of the soul?

The reason is that it performs important functions between the diaphragm and the pelvic floor. It can release tension, balance your nervous system, regulate your breathing, and give you a sense of protection, stability and well-being. As the familiar and supporting muscle of your lower abdominal organs, the psoas senses irregularities and is therefore also called the second brain.

When your body is constantly flooded with cortisol and adrenaline due to stress, the psoas muscle reacts with excessive tension, which causes the diaphragm to work even in excessive tension. The body falls into the escape-fight mode. If this state remains for a longer period of time without relaxation, the psoas muscle remains in a hardened permanent state and suggests a permanent danger to your body.

In the end, this can often lead to inexplicable back pain, sciatica or digestive problems.

In my weeks video I show you the 5 best exercises for the whole hip musculature.

The exercises help you when you:

  • Sportsmen, runners and especially endurance sportsmen are, with which the hip and particularly the Psoas is particularly often " close" and shortened
  • often suffer from chronic or unexplained back problems
  • if you have the feeling to be permanently under stress and tension

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Nackt Yoga die Top 5 Allround Übungen für die Hüfte 02

1. help against lows in mood

Repeated use is recommended.

Get in motion!

Mind and body are not separate, so a cloudy mood can often be changed by movement or a conscious upright posture. The perfect mood enhancer is (naked) - Yoga. Yoga activates your entire body-mind system. Targeted and conscious postures bring your mind to rest and your energy to flow. Just give it a try!

Ich wish you a wonderful new Week!

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Your Elke

1 Naked Yoga 34_20 – Maha Mudra, the life extending exercise

Naked Yoga News Week 34_2020

Nackt Yoga - Maha Mudra, die lebensverlängernde Übung

A tragic story ...

An older man lies alone in his bed in the last days of his life. He wakes up and sees a large group of people gathered around his bed. Their faces radiate love, but they are sad.

Confused, the elderly man smiles and whispers: " You must be the friends of my childhood who have come to say goodbye to me. I am so grateful to you for coming."

Then the tallest figure approaches, tenderly takes the old man's hand and replies: " Yes, we are your best and oldest friends, but you gave us up long ago. We are the untapped opportunities of your youth. We are the unrealized hopes, dreams and plans that you once felt deep in your heart but never pursued. We are your unique talents that you never nurtured within you, your special gifts that you never discovered. Old friend, we have not come to comfort you, but to die with you. “

Be brave and live your life now!

Maha Mudra - the life extending exercise

Instructions: How to perform Maha Mudra correctly!

Nackt Yoga Maha Mudra - die lebensverlängernde Übung

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I wish you a wonderfull new week!

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Naked Yoga 33_20 – Exercises for your abdominal muscle – part 3

Naked Yoga News Week 33_2020

Naked Yoga - Staying young in spirit

Staying young in spirit

The older we get, the more mental baggage from the past we carry around with us.

Life is a business full of uncertainties. When we are young, we experience many things for the first time. We are used to dealing with new and uncertain situations. In order to stay really young we have to keep not only our body but also our mind flexible. This means that we learn to adjust to the unexpected and even accept it with gratitude.

If we move in the same rut day after day, our mental agility suffers. If we make ourselves too comfortable in our routine comfort, the smallest change often upsets us and brings us to the edge of our nervous power.

So we can stay mentally young?

By purposefully breaking out of our habitual paths from time to time and specifically seeking new experiences. This does not always have to be a long journey, often small changes in everyday life are enough, for example: 

  • from time to time consciously take a different route to work, even if it is a detour
  • as a right-handed person you can do everything with your left hand, or as a left-handed person you can do everything with your right hand
  • seek contact with age groups that are foreign to you
  • if you are not yet used to practice yoga naked once:)
  • or just try a little test of courage every day. This can range from wearing conspicuous clothing, to specifically addressing strangers, to consciously breaking with the usual conventions. 

For example, a well-known management coach likes to recommend the exercise of walking around a busy street with arms raised and shouting "cuckoo" loudly. This way you don't hurt anybody and you don't break any laws - and it guarantees many new experiences.

Just give it a try:))

Naked Yoga is becoming more and more popular!

Nackt Yoga - Wellness für die Füße


Recently a big report about me and the topic "naked yoga" was published in one of the biggest women's magazines in Austria "".

Here you can view the report in PDF format (in German only):

Exercises for your abdominal muscles - part 3

For more than a Sixpack!

Nackt Yoga - Übungen für die Bauchmuskeln

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"Your character does not develop if you do not go through hard times. If everything is easy for you, then you can't rise to anything." 
(Kandro Rinpoche, Buddhist teacher)

I wish you a wonderful new week!

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