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This is the best yoga instructional site that I have ever come across. Elke provides very clear directions, and her demonstrations of correct technique are inspiring. She does more than just explain the asanas, going on to expound the philosophy of yoga and meditation. Her flexibility and poise in the videos are beautiful to watch, and illustrate the physical toning and conditioning that regular dedicated practice can develop. Just one suggestion for improvement: for those of us who are not fluent in German, it would be very helpful to have English subtitles to the videos.

John J

Hi Elke i really enjoy your videos and have been a member for a number of years. I also follow rhyanna watson and wonder if you could do some items similar to hers? Also could you vary the camera position for your routines not just right angled to the camera and perhaps be slightly closer to the camera even a mobile camera? looking forward to your ongoing work Ben


Ciao Elke, i am Francesco from italy, i follow you on Facebook and Instagram. It is amazing how you can give to us a lot of special emotions when you move all muscles of your naked body to attive on benefit. With your naked yoga you show your body and it is not vulgar but it is really art,sport,sensuality and nature. I would be to try naked yoga in real but in italy there aren t school. But thanks so much because i can see you now. And i think that all in your body is perfect. I like too how you can stretching and live in batterio mood. Best regard!


Hi Elke, I like your videos very much. I'm rather beginner and as I see your videos useful for me. And you are a very attractive and exciting lady. 🙂 But unfortunately most of these videos in this "member package" already were available before I registered. I hoped there were a little bit more "new" stuff. 🙂 András

András Mikó

For me, as a beginner in Yoga, it was difficult to find a video practice with detailed descriptions and most importantly understandable. A very important point is the feedback, when you can get a professional answer to any question on the practice of Yoga. Dear Elke , thank you for the video tutorials , for the detailed online consultations, my practice began to progress, I feel part of the team. This year I extended my membership because Eke is the best yoga teacher on the way to perfection . With love, Aleksey. Выделите текст, чтобы посмотреть примеры


The weekly new videos constantly help me improve my own practice and show me how to attain postures and movements which photos do not always show. Thank you Elke.

John H.

En toute sincérité, les vidéos sont très bien faites. Un style cool , non vulgaire et professionnelle. C'est un réel plaisir de vous voir pratiquer le yoga nu tout naturellement. Juste une suggestion: parfois faire vos leçons en duo féminin pour une traduction en français. Même si ce service serait payant (ce qui est normal). J'apprécie aussi votre suivi des membres. très appréciable. Enfin du yoga nu qui donne envie de pratiquer, d'accepter son corps et stimule notre énergie. Encore BRAVO et continuez ainsi


Your videos are very informative and are full of information about the stretches and the purpose of each I believe that most people and myself would get a lot from watching and working out with you Your nude videos are not only invigorating you can also see the muscle groups working and your in great shape


Sweet Elke Where am I so happy to be a member of your naked yoga site. You're just the world's best yoga girl a skilled teacher you are soooooooooooo sweet and lovely I can see you do yoga med your wonderful Heart and you take Heart with I am a great fan of you I love you so much I wish you will make on of your many beautiful Photos with your autograph on to me I will pay for it ofcouse... You will alway be in my Heart Big Hugs and Kiss from Your fan in Denmark Bjarne

Bjarne N Denmark

Elke has a nice personality and in her videos she relates to you on a personal level. It is as if she were there in the room with you as you practice with her in the nude. I love her body movements and enjoy the full frontal views of her naked. She encourages you to be active as well as being erotic at the same time.


I started yoga to improve my mobility, especially in my back, hips and knees. I have been impressed by how much less pain I have in these areas now . The weekly video is both motivational and informative. There is no overload of information but clear instruction in short bites. The flow of movement with naked yoga feels so much more natural and relaxing. I have enjoyed reading and contemplating on the short stories that Elke has included in the weekly video. So, all in all, I am a happy guy.


Please tell me when it is time to renew. And please provide ALL pages in the English language. thank you


Dear Elke First of all, thank you so much for your wonderful videos. You are such an inspiration. I enjoy watching and learning new exercises from you. I have, as many other my age, some problems with my back. I work out 4-5 times a week, but every morning i have to do exercises home before going to work. I do some of the exercises learned from watching you and are doing much better now 🙂 I live in Denmark and now and then i am visiting a friend in Hallenberg. He has a gasthouse for motorcyclists. I Love to drive my bike on the wonderful roads in Sauerland. It is close to your home in Mescheden and i would really like to have a privat lesson with you some time. Maybe it can be arranged some time. Looking foreward to you next video. All the best from Henrik

Henrik R

Love your videos your workouts are excellent im just a beginner but I still try hard Love your work Elke XXXXOOOO


Elke, Love your videos! (especially those filmed outdoors). They're challenging and inspiring. You're unbelievably fit and your story makes them even more compelling. In terms of the site and the membership: I'm not sure the site automatically remembers me as a previous visitor or a member, which many subscription sites do (I always accept cookies). As a result, I sometimes find myself leaving, because I can't access content I've paid to view. I may be doing something wrong, but perhaps others are experiencing the same thing. Keep up the wonderful work. (A suggestion: if you conduct naked yoga classes, it would be great for viewers to "participate" in those.)

Ken G

I like very much your naked yoga videos, more especially when it is filmed in the nature which is not so often. Also I like the photos but too few remain permanently on the site. One important limitation I have is that I don't understand german and therefore many videos are not useful for me like for instance your last series on yoga benefit to sex. Thank you anyway for your nice videos, I just would like to practice more... with love and peace with nature Philippe


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