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A Buddhist story about success

A master craftsman in ancient China was commissioned by the emperor to make a cabinet for the emperor's bedroom in the imperial palace.

The craftsman, a Zen monk, told the emperor that he would not be able to work for five days. The emperor's spies saw the monk sitting there the whole time and apparently doing nothing. Then, when the five days were over, the monk stood up. Within three days, he made the most extraordinary cabinet anyone had ever seen.

The emperor was so pleased and curious that he let the monk come to him and asked him what he had done during the five days before he started his work.

The monk replied, "I spent the whole first day letting go of every thought of failure, of fear, of punishment if my work displeased the emperor.

I spent the whole second day letting go of every thought of impropriety and every belief that I would lack the skills to make a cabinet worthy of the Emperor.

I spent the whole third day letting go of every hope and desire for fame, glory and reward if I were to make a cabinet that would please the Emperor.

I spent the whole fourth day letting go of the pride that might grow in me if I should succeed in my work and receive the praise of the Emperor.

And the whole fifth day I spent to contemplate in my mind the clear vision of this cupboard, in the certainty that even an emperor would wish for it as it stands before you now.

We want to create something wonderful - and we often get in the way with our own thoughts.

If you have a goal, want to achieve something wonderful, then:

  1. Let go of all thoughts of fear, failure and anxiety.
  2. Free yourself from self-doubt that you are not good enough. You already have all the skills you need.
  3. Develop Vairagya - equanimity. Do all you can, but do not cling to the fruits of your labor.
  4. Free yourself from your ego. Do something not only so that you can be proud of yourself.
  5. Develop a clear and pure picture of what you want to achieve and internalize it.
Nackt Yoga Film

The magic shoulder and neck exercise!

Many people suffer from pain in the shoulder or neck area. Often tension, stress, lack of movement or one-sided movements are the cause. In my video today I show you a very simple but very effective exercise for your shoulders and neck. All you need is 5 minutes time.

Have a look at it right now!

Nude Yoga weekly Video 19_20:

Nackt Yoga - die magische Schulter- und Nackenübung

All LOve and a wunderful week ...

Your Elke

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