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A Buddhist story about an old tree

Nackt Yoga - alter, knorriger Baum

Once upon a time there was an old and crooked tree. Every branch was twisted and gnarled.

Someone passing the old and crooked tree remarked to Kao-Bin, the abbot of an old monastery, what a useless tree it was. The crooked trunk and the twisted branches were useless after all.

Kao-Bin replied, "Most trees are their own enemy. You can eat the tin tree and that is why it is cut down. The lacquer tree is useful and therefore it is mutilated. Most people know how useful it is to be useful. But few know how useful it is to be useless. Its uselessness protected the old tree until today. No one wanted to use it for anything, so it was not cut down and lived to a ripe old age, fulfilling its own nature."

What does it mean to be useless? It means essentially being empty of the urge to want to become something, to want to be something special, to free the mind from the thoughts of "wanting to achieve".

To be useless does not mean to be lazy and lazy. It means to allow yourself to surrender to your own nature and to unfold easily and simply. Every human being is unique and wonderful - and everyone has their own destiny in this world.

This is exactly what we practice again and again in Nude Yoga. We are completely naked, with all our apparent faults and weaknesses. The true development begins where we stop wanting to be something "better", where we are satisfied with what and how we are.

There is a famous monk in Thailand who summarized this attitude of mind and also of the whole Dharma in a short sentence. He said, "There is nothing to achieve, nothing to do, nothing to possess." There's nothing special. Everything is transitory, everything flows, everything is in constant change. If we can free ourselves from the urge to be someone special in a certain way or to want to possess certain things - to be free of this desire to do or to be or to have anything at all - then we can give ourselves into the natural unfolding of our destiny.

Nackt Yoga Film

Nude Yoga Video - Super allround exercise for feet, toes, wrists and fingers

In my new nude yoga video today I show you a simple but very effective exercise for your feet, toes, wrists and fingers.

There are no special requirements or skills for the exercise - anyone can do it easily. It is best to try it out right away.

Nude Yoga weekly Video 20_20:

Nackt Yoga - Allround-Übung für Füße, Zehen, Handgelenke und Finger

All LOve and a wunderful new week.

Your Elke

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