Naked Yoga private lessons in Dortmund

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“A private Naked Yoga class with Elke is a very special and unique experience!”

- Claudius

You love the exclusive and individual? Then this is the right place for you!

My private classes are:


completely private



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“Nude Yoga private lessons with Elke are a unique and unforgettable experience!”

- Thomas L. -

Nude Yoga private lessons are also very suitable if you want to practice very intensively, or have little or no experience in Nude Yoga.

A private lesson consists of physically demanding elements, relaxation exercises and meditation techniques, so that you can have deep and lasting experiences on the physical as well as on the mental and spiritual level.

Personal experience report Nude Yoga private lesson with Elke

"My name is Markus, I have been to a nude yoga class with Elke twice before. My experience was unique. Elke prepares very well for the class.

I will definitely continue to take private one-to-one lessons with Elke.

For those who think that there is sexual activity during the Nude Yoga class, this is on the wrong track.

And that's a good thing, too! Nude Yoga for me only has the liberating feeling of being able to concentrate fully on myself during the exercises".


Nacktyoga mit Elke - Privatstunden

Interview with my naked yoga student Günther.

Watch this video to see what my nude yoga student Günther says about my private lessons!

Price list

1 Person

  • 60 minutes - 115 Dollar 
  • 90 minutes - 170 Dollar

2 People

  • 60 minutes - 170 Dollar 
  • 90 minutes - 230 Euro

Nude yoga is suitable for ALL who are looking for something special and are open for extraordinary experiences.

Practice with me in a protected room different exercises and techniques of (nude) yoga. Each lesson is individually adapted to your needs and well prepared. For nude yoga it does not matter if you already have yoga experience or not, if you are athletic, unathletic, agile or immobile.

Write me a message and make an appointment with me now:

Nacktyoga mit Elke für gesunde Schultern
Nacktyoga mit Elke für gesunde Schultern
Nacktyoga - der Paradisvogel
Nacktyoga mit Elke

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about my private naked yoga classes:

01 Why Naked Yoga Private Lessons?

You practice with me in a protected space that allows you all the freedom you need to practice.

Especially in the beginning it is not easy for many people to practice yoga naked in a group, because often the shame is too big. I will help you to let yourself go completely and learn to open yourself completely to the state of yoga. You will get to know your "true body" as nature has created it, from a new perspective without judging it.
It is not about externalities like " too thick, too thin, too small, too big, but about experiencing the real core of your self! This self always remains the same no matter what happens around you. Immerse yourself in this new feeling of absolute silence, freedom and inner satisfaction!

02 How does a private naked yoga class work?

The course depends on your previous yoga experiences and your current situation on physical, mental and spiritual level. I work with you on all three levels. We start with the coarse-material (the body) and go on to the fine-material (mind-soul).

A classical yoga class looks like this:

  1. Medical history (history, complaints): Here it is important to me that you inform me about illnesses or health conditions, and medication if you have to take any so I can adjust the course accordingly.
  2. Afterwards I will work out your personal yoga practice with you. Designed for just one session with me, so that you can continue practicing independently at home, or for a longer period of time through online classes with me.
  3. Example of a 6o or 90 minute yoga class:
    Initial relaxation - breathing exercises - warming up exercises of the most important muscle groups and joints - sun salutation and variations for strengthening and flexibility - asanas (body positions according to ability and goal which we discuss beforehand) - deep relaxation - meditation - review of the situation

03 Can I also book a "normal" private yoga class with clothes?

Yes, that works too and the procedure is the same.

04 What do I have to bring? 

Maybe a big towel, that's all.

05 Where could I stay if I want to book several days?

In my area there are many good and cheap hotels and pensions. Hotels in  Dortmund

06 Can I shower at your place?

No, that's not possible.

07 Does Naked Yoga also mean sexual acts?

Even though nude yoga is good for sexuality and increases sexual potency, nude yoga in a private session with me does not include sex, sexual acts or aspects of red tantra!

During a private naked yoga class, physical contact takes place exclusively in the context of necessary corrections and adjustments. Of course I will touch you to show you where the postures lead to. Naked Yoga should free you and not make you dependent on the teacher!!!

If you have any questions, please send me an email to:

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