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A Buddhist story about patience

Buddha and his disciples decided to go on a journey in which they would pass through different areas and cities. One day, when the sun was shining in all its glory, they discovered a lake in the distance and stopped, beset by thirst.

When Buddha arrived, he addressed his youngest and most impatient disciple, "I am thirsty. Can you get me some water from the lake?"

The student went to the lake, but when he arrived, he noticed that an ox cart was driving through the water, and the water slowly became muddy. Having seen this, the disciple thought, "I cannot give the master this muddy water to drink." Then he returned and said to Buddha, "The water is very muddy. I don't think we can drink it."

A while later, perhaps half an hour, Buddha again asked the disciple to go to the lake and bring him some water to drink, and the disciple did so. But the water was still cloudy. He returned and informed Buddha in a coherent tone about the situation: "The water of this lake cannot be drunk. We better go to the village so that its inhabitants can give us something to drink."

Buddha did not answer him, but neither did he make any attempt to go further. He stayed in place. Then, a while later, he asked the same disciple to return to the lake and bring him water. Since he did not want to question his master, he went to the lake, but he felt anger rising within him, not understanding why he had to return when the water was dirty and could not be drunk.

When he arrived, he noticed to his amazement that the water now looked fresh, even crystalline. So he took some of the water and brought it to his master. He looked at the water and said to his disciple, "What have you done to purify the water?"

The student did not understand the question. He had done nothing, it was obvious. Then Buddha looked at him and explained it to him, "You wait and leave it alone. That way the mud will settle by itself and you will get clean water. That's the way your mind is too! If it is disturbed, you must simply let it alone. Give it some time. Don't be impatient. On the contrary, be patient. You needn't bother to calm him down. The balance will be found on its own. Things will take their course if you don't get carried away."

Nackt Yoga Film

Nude Yoga weekly Video 18_20:

Nude Yoga Video - Sideplank against weak abs

All LOve and an wunderful new week ...

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