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Yoga - lower back pain?

Lower back pain? This muscle is almost always involved.

With these two top exercises you stretch the quadratus lumborus (deep abdominal muscles) and eliminate your back pain! 

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Yoga - lower back pain?

Quadratus lumborus - the deep abdominal muscle

Quadratus lumborus means translated as square and lying in the lower back. An abdominal muscle that lies in the lower back? Sounds strange, but it is so. The muscle, which really has an approximately square shape, runs from the iliac crest to the lower ribs and thus spans virtually the entire lower back.

And it is very often responsible for pain that manifests itself in the lower back, but also in the buttocks or the back of the thighs.

Slipped disc or quadratus lumborus?
Attention! It is not easy for the layman to distinguish whether the pain in the lower back is caused by a herniated disc or the quadratus lumborus. Therefore, in case of doubt, always consult a specialist and have this clarified with orthopedic, neurological or chiropractic tests.

Frequently, malpositions or blockages in the lumbar spine and in the area of the pelvis are also the cause, which lead to tension in the quadratus lumborus and are then responsible for the back pain.

Conclusion: Stretching the muscles is always good, because it leads to relaxation on the physical and subsequently also on the mental level. If you have been suffering from problems in your lower back for a long time or from time to time and the diagnosis of a slipped disc is excluded, it may be due to tension in the quadratus lumborus. In this case the stretching exercises I show you in my video can help you quickly and effectively. Just try it out!

I wish you a wonderful new week!

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