Naked Yoga Week 23_2020

Nackt Yoga Herz
Nackt Yoga mit Elke

Naked Yoga meets Yin Yoga

What have naked yoga and Yin Yoga in common?

Much more than it seems at first sight. In both yoga directions it is about enduring and letting go of feelings and thoughts.

Yin Yoga the gentle yoga way

Yin Yoga is known as a gentle and calm yoga in which the individual postures are held for a very long time, sometimes up to 20 minutes. What at first looks very easy and comfortable, can, however, turn out to be a big mistake when you try it yourself.

"I can't take it anymore." Outwardly motionless and inwardly the thoughts and feelings jump around wildly. We are often not used to endure this mental restlessness, to do nothing and just let it come and go.

Inner tension and restlessness cry out for movement and change on the outside. Staying motionless in a yoga posture for minutes can feel like an eternity. Yin Yoga becomes an torture. 

Feelings in Naked Yoga

Being naked also means having to endure feelings and thoughts. Whoever practices yoga completely naked for the first time knows what I mean. Shame and the feeling of not being good, beautiful or perfect enough come to the surface.

Acceptance and release on the way to freedom

Thoughts and feelings are what they really are - fleeting and not constant. They come and go over and over again. Then why do we take them so seriously? Why do we allow our thoughts to influence our world?

When we learn in Yin or Naked Yoga to endure our thoughts and feelings and not to fight against them, then we feel true freedom and true happiness.

You are not your thoughts and feelings - you are the immortal, unique and wonderful self.

Nackt Yoga Film

Naked Yoga meets Yin Yoga - Stretching of heart and lung meridian

Today my weekly video is about the stretching of the heart and lung meridian, with which you can get your (life) energy flowing again.

Meridians are energy channels that are of great importance in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture. Similar to acupuncture, you can stimulate these energy channels with the exercises I show you in my Nude Yoga video and thus gain new (life) energy.

Have a look at it right now!

Naked Yoga Weekly Video 23_20:

Naked Yoga meets Yin Yoga

I wish you a wonderful new week ...

Your Elke

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