Naked Yoga News Week 41_2020

Nackt Yoga Detox Vinyasayoga Flow

Naked Yoga Detox Vinyasayoga Flow

In my naked yoga week video today, I show you a Vinyasa Flow (25 minutes), in which we smoothly change from one position to the next.

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The wishes of the acorn

Once upon a time there was a beautiful, perfect acorn. It had just fallen from its tree and was looking for a nice place to put its roots deep into the earth to become a beautiful oak.

There she met a coast redwood. These are huge trees that live to be over 2000 years old and are over a hundred meters high. The acorn was fascinated by this phenomenon and decided to become such a tree.

The trainer was happy about the new customer and did all kinds of exercises with the acorn. He also gave the acorn books to read and videos to watch. Their titles were: "Thinking Like a Redwood", "The History of Famous Redwoods" and "The Luck of Being a Redwood".

The trainer also recommended that the acorn should try to be as close as possible to artificial redwoods, and so it happened that the acorn found a place to sink its roots into the ground near a forest with many coastal redwoods.

What has become of the acorn? A coastal redwood? Of course not: it became an oak. A beautiful, strong oak - but an unhappy, insecure oak full of inferiority complexes, because it still compares itself to a coastal redwood.

Do not compare

I wish you a wonderful new week!

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