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Naked Yoga - Staying young in spirit

Staying young in spirit

The older we get, the more mental baggage from the past we carry around with us.

Life is a business full of uncertainties. When we are young, we experience many things for the first time. We are used to dealing with new and uncertain situations. In order to stay really young we have to keep not only our body but also our mind flexible. This means that we learn to adjust to the unexpected and even accept it with gratitude.

If we move in the same rut day after day, our mental agility suffers. If we make ourselves too comfortable in our routine comfort, the smallest change often upsets us and brings us to the edge of our nervous power.

So we can stay mentally young?

By purposefully breaking out of our habitual paths from time to time and specifically seeking new experiences. This does not always have to be a long journey, often small changes in everyday life are enough, for example: 

  • from time to time consciously take a different route to work, even if it is a detour
  • as a right-handed person you can do everything with your left hand, or as a left-handed person you can do everything with your right hand
  • seek contact with age groups that are foreign to you
  • if you are not yet used to practice yoga naked once:)
  • or just try a little test of courage every day. This can range from wearing conspicuous clothing, to specifically addressing strangers, to consciously breaking with the usual conventions. 

For example, a well-known management coach likes to recommend the exercise of walking around a busy street with arms raised and shouting "cuckoo" loudly. This way you don't hurt anybody and you don't break any laws - and it guarantees many new experiences.

Just give it a try:))

Naked Yoga is becoming more and more popular!

Nackt Yoga - Wellness für die Füße


Recently a big report about me and the topic "naked yoga" was published in one of the biggest women's magazines in Austria "".

Here you can view the report in PDF format (in German only):

Exercises for your abdominal muscles - part 3

For more than a Sixpack!

Nackt Yoga - Übungen für die Bauchmuskeln

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"Your character does not develop if you do not go through hard times. If everything is easy for you, then you can't rise to anything." 
(Kandro Rinpoche, Buddhist teacher)

I wish you a wonderful new week!

Nackt Yoga mit Elke - kostenloses Video


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