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Naked Yoga - So YOU too can learn the handstand in 3 weeks!

The word "handstand" makes most people feel queasy. "Not me." or "I'll never make it" are common comments when I talk about handstands.

Sure, handstands require a lot of practice and above all courage. It requires the willingness to leave your comfort zone and to overcome your beliefs. A new way of thinking and to face your fears. But that is exactly what nude yoga is all about.

By the way, did you know that the handstand is one of the healthiest reversal postures in yoga?

One always speaks of a reversal posture when the heart is above the head. And unlike, for example, the headstand or shoulderstand, the risk of injury to the cervical spine is almost zero in the handstand. 

The handstand will offer you these advantages :

  • The handstand promotes the blood circulation of the upper body, especially the lungs.
  • In handstand many processes in the body are upside down, so to speak. The blood from the lower two thirds of your body flows to the heart with less effort. This relieves your heart and is a relief for swollen or tired legs.
  • The blood circulation in the brain is improved.
  • Works against bad mood and listlessness. The handstand activates and makes good mood.
  • By practising handstand you develop courage and stamina
  • You train your balance and coordination. Complex movement sequences require a high degree of coordination and therefore also a high degree of mental performance. Coordination training means maximum performance for the central nervous system and therefore one of the best brain trainings ever.

3-part exercise series: So YOU can learn the handstand too!

In this and the next two weeks I will show you a step by step instruction to learn the handstand.

The aim of the course is to be able to do at least the handstand on the wall.

I proceed very slowly and orientate myself even to absolute beginners. In the first episode we will first do some important preliminary exercises before we gradually improve and finally practice the full handstand on the wall.

So have the courage and join in! The handstand is not that difficult. Leave your fears and old thinking behind you. Free yourself and develop your full potential.

I will help you!

Video - So YOU too can learn the handstand!

Part 1 of 3

Nackt Yoga - so lernst auch du den Handstand 06

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Dare, free yourself, let go... Believe in yourself and your power. Believe in yourself and the strength you have today. You are more than your fear. You are brave, strong, curious and confident.

I wish you a wonderful new week!

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