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Nackt Yoga Mobility Training

Naked Yoga Mobility Training - Learn in 5 steps the active standing forward bend - Part 2

Mobility Training: Improving mobility on a smart way

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Naked Yoga Mobility Training Part 2

Until it works ...

Heroes don't know they are heroes until they find themselves in a dangerous situation and, despite their fear, simply do what needs to be done.

Nobody knows what he is capable of until he has tried it. But to try it only once and then quickly throw in the towel doesn't really count as an attempt.

A child who tries just once to stand on his little crooked legs and then gives up in frustration right after the first fall will never learn to walk.

Become the child of your life. If a project does not work, try again. If a relationship fails, learn from the mistakes and do better next time. If you are not making progress in your career or are unhappy in life, change the circumstances that are hindering you or your attitude towards the circumstances.

Forget who you seem to be and let yourself be surprised who you really are. Throw the old junk you carry around with you all your life overboard and become the hero of your life. 

And most important: Start now!

I wish you a wonderful and heroic new week!

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Kim scott - 20. September 2020 Reply

The video didnt work Elke

    Elke Le - 20. September 2020 Reply

    Hi Kim, I fixed it:)

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