Naked Yoga News Week 39_2020

Nackt Yoga - Mobility Training Teil 3

Naked Yoga Mobility Training - Learn in 5 steps the active standing forward bend - Part 3

Mobility-Training: Mit Köpfchen die Beweglichkeit verbessern

Exercises on the wall

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Naked Yoga mobility training Part 3

Happy and content in life?

"It is not the happy who are grateful - it is the grateful who are happy."
Sir Francis Bacon

Gratitude is an art that can be learned. It is a fast way to happiness and inner wealth. Again and again we have to remember it and practice gratitude.

Buddha is said to have exhorted his disciples with the following words:

Let us rise and be grateful, because if we have not learned much today, at least we have learned something, and if we have not learned something, at least we have not gotten sick, and if we did get sick, at least we have not died, so let us all be grateful together.

I wish you a wonderful and grateful new week!

Nackt Yoga mit Elke - kostenloses Video


Your Elke

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