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Naked Yoga Mobility Training - Learn in 5 steps the active standing forward bend

Naked Yoga Mobility Training - Learn in 5 steps the active standing forward bend!

Mobility Training: Improving mobility on a smart way

Naked Yoga Mobility Training is a holistic training for your body, in which muscle and functional chains are trained as a whole  and not individual areas in isolation. A Mobility Training has many advantages for you, it improves your active mobility, improves your overall posture, releases tension and relieves pain.

In a three-part video series I show you how you can learn active standing forward bend in 5 steps.

Maybe you think now, the standing forward bend is quite simple, what is there to learn. If you think so, then the video is just right for you :). The active! standing prevention is not as easy as it looks at first sight. To execute it correctly requires a lot of knowledge and practice.

Often things look very simple at first glance and turn out to be very complicated and sometimes it is the other way around. The art of mindfulness and looking closely helps to get to the bottom of things. And this is the same in yoga as in life. 

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Naked Yoga Mobility Training - Learn in 5 steps the active standing forward bend

We have to learn to persevere

The often told story of Edison can be a great help when you are about to give up:

Edison's light bulbs

Thomas Alva Edison is certainly one of the most creative and intelligent inventors of modern times. To him we owe, among other things, the phonograph, the precursor of the record player and the film projector. His sentence has become famous: "A genius consists of one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration". This is especially true of the invention of the light bulb. Edison was obsessed with the idea that you have to be able to transform electric current into light. This belief led to one of his greatest discoveries. It is reported that he made over 10,000 unsuccessful attempts to develop a light bulb that gives light. One day, when his friend and advisor suggested that he drop the whole project, as it was obviously hopeless and would only devour his strength and energy without producing any results, im Edison replied with full conviction and some astonishment: "Why, I didn't waste useless energy after all. I have found 10,000 ways how a light bulb does not work. I have successfully discovered 10,000 ways that do not lead to a result".

Edison has been granted over 1000 patents. His endurance has obviously paid off for him. The long and arduous path of such success often goes unnoticed.

How much stamina do you have when it comes to bringing your vision to reality? How often have you successfully followed a path in your life that did not lead to success?

What do you do when you have no sense of achievement for a long time? How long do you hold out when it comes to achieving the set goals against resistance?

Success also requires persistence.

I wish you a wonderful and successful new week!

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