Naked Yoga News Week 35_2020

Nackt Yoga - lebensverlängernde Übungen

The art of pausing!

"Don't just sit there - do something." Who doesn't know that sentence? We live in a noisy and hectic time, in which the "doers" are highly respected. We always have to do something - even if it is only to actively take care of our well-being and our recreation.

Doing nothing and consciously going into resonance with silence, on the other hand, is hard for most people to bear. Although this is exactly what constitutes an incredible source of strength. The experience of peace and silence can initially be experienced as disturbing or even frightening. Suddenly you feel how thoughts race in your head and restlessness spreads through your body. Would there not be so much else, better or more important to do? Isn't there still so much to do? Isn't it a waste of time to stop all activities for once and just do nothing?

Admittedly, conscious doing nothing requires a little patience and also a certain amount of practice. However, it is the antidote to the many ailments of our time such as fear, stress, inner restlessness and dissatisfaction. Why don't you just try it once next week?

Don't always do something, but just sit there for 5 minutes once a day and watch what happens!

In the concentration on the present moment, a wonderful experience is hidden: the wonder of the simple "being there".

The life-prolonging Hatha Yoga exercise series!

The 7 life-prolonging Hatha Yoga exercises.

Naked Yoga - The 7 life-prolonging Hatha Yoga exercises.

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I wish you a wonderful new Week!

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