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"Everyone is right in their fear and frame of mind!"

Most people believe their point of view is true.

Many conflicts arise because we do not recognize that every person has the right to his own view of things. We believe we are right and try to convince others. With such an attitude conflicts are preprogrammed.

The way our brain has learned to work and interpret things is a direct consequence of the individual experiences. There is no objective truth.

If we become aware of this again and again, we suddenly see people with different, loving eyes.

Naked Yoga - 5 Top Exercises for healthy and mobile shoulders

Tension, shoulder or neck pain? These 5 top exercises are guaranteed to help you.

Lack of movement, one-sided strain or stress - often pain in the shoulder and neck area is the result. After a short self-test to find out how flexible your shoulders are, I will show you five simple exercises you can do for your shoulders in my new Nakes Yoga Video.

What else should you know about the shoulder joint?

The shoulder joint is a joint that wants to be moved like all joints. Only through movement do we keep our joints healthy and functional. In this case the joint is even a ball and socket joint, which should be moved in as many different directions as possible. 

he problems with the shoulder joint

In my private lessons I see again and again that the shoulders are not full and well movable. There are several reasons for this:

Many athletes have "firm" shoulders because they mainly train the shoulder muscles, but do not stretch them sufficiently or not at all. The consequence is a restriction of mobility.

And for the others it is rather a lack of movement or a permanent one-sided strain that causes the shoulders to become immobile.

But also a permanent tension caused by stress can lead to the shoulders becoming firm and immobile. This often leads to shoulder and neck pain and even headaches. 

My training plan for healthy and flexible shoulders

In my video I show and explain five great exercises for your shoulders.

  1. Shoulder rotation with the tape/rope
  2. Shoulder exercise with one block
  3. Shoulder-Arm-Circles
  4. Shoulder cars
  5. Puppy Pose Slide and Dolphin

My tip for acute shoulder or neck problems:

Do 3 sets of each of the five exercises with 15 repetitions each and this is best done three times a week for about 4 to 5 weeks.

Flexible shoulders and Yoga

In Yoga, flexible shoulders are a prerequisite for many postures/asanas.

Without movable shoulders, many backbends such as the wheel (Urdhva Dhanurasana) are not possible. But also many reverse positions like handstand (Vrikshasana), headstand (Sirsasana) or scorpion (Vrischikasana) are difficult to do without sufficiently movable shoulders.

Nackt Yoga Film

Click here to go directly to the Nakes Yoga Video "The best exercises for healthy and flexible shoulders".

Watch it right now!

Naked Yoga Weekly Video 25_20:

Nackt Yoga - die 5 Top Übungen für die Schultern Bild 01

I wish you a wonderful new week

Your Elke

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