Naked Yoga News Week 30_2020

Forget the idea that you have to become someone.

Because you are already a unique masterpiece.

It's not about getting better and better.

It's about recognizing yourself,

understand that everything is inside you.

The truth is, you don't need outside validation. Once you believe in yourself, trust your abilities, you can handle any situation and solve any problem.

Sometimes it takes a little courage at first, but the naked encounter with yourself helps you to accept yourself and see yourself as you really are. Beautiful, smart, strong and lovable.

Knowledge: Body, mind & soul


Physical sensations change our behaviour.

Have you ever consciously thought about your posture? If not, then observe your posture over a period of time. What is your posture when sitting, at work or in a business meeting? How do you behave when you talk to other people and what is your posture when you walk?

We yogis have known it for a long time: body and mind form an inseparable unit. In science this phenomenon is called embodiment. Embodiment, on closer examination, concerns a fundamental problem of both philosophy and psychology. It concerns the so-called "body-mind problem", i.e. the connection between body (i.e. body, matter and brain) and soul (i.e. cognition, psyche and thinking).

The first results date back to 1988, when the social psychologist Fritz Strack at the University of Mannheim conducted what has since become a classic experiment: He had test persons put a pencil across their mouth. This automatically and unconsciously lifted the corners of their mouths - with an amazing effect: the test persons found a series of cartoons with a pencil in their mouth much more fun than without. The unconscious smile alone put the test persons in a more cheerful mood.

Smiling helps ...

Eit's proven: Laughing and smiling relaxes and boosts the immune system. At the same time, it reduces the sensation of pain and increases self-healing powers.
In cases of mental illness and depression, smiling helps considerably in the healing process. Smiling even helps with physical and psychological injuries. It has a positive effect on the metabolism and thus also helps diabetics considerably. At the same time, smiling reduces stress and releases valuable happiness hormones.

And smiling is the best cosmetic, because a smiling face is always beautiful.
This is how we find people who smile more likeable and attractive. It is anchored in our genes that whoever smiles at us wants to do us good and is an ally. This is how we feel a non-verbal connection with the person who smiles at us. The natural reflex is the return of the smile. This is how our smile increases
our popularity and thus our social success
. We like people who smile, and so we also find ourselves more lovable when we smile at others.

Body posture

Your posture says a lot about your mental health. Normally the posture is a direct result of our mental condition. But it is also the other way round.

Research from the 90s has shown that both facial expressions and posture influence how you feel and how you see yourself. For example, someone with an upright posture and a raised gaze radiates more self-confidence and actually feels much more self-confident than someone who is sitting in a huddled position.

Yoga and posture

Naked yoga is also about posture, the physical and the mental level. All yoga postures have a physical and mental component. For example, the cobra (see Asana Lexicon A-Z), in which you lie on your stomach and lift your upper body upwards, trains your spine on the physical level and leads to more sublimity and self-confidence on the mental level. 

Homework for next week:

  1. Practice Naked Yoga
  2. Pay attention to your posture
  3. Smile consciously to at least 3 people every day

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„It is not the problem that causes the difficulties, but our view.“

(Victor Frankl)

I wish you a wonderful new week!

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