Nude Yoga Week 21_2020

Nackt Yoga Herz

This way you can master every Yoga posture and your whole life!

What is the recipe for success in Yoga and in life in general?

1. master your outer world
2. master your inner world

Imagine you're baking a cake.

You have the right recipe and ingredients. You follow the recipe carefully to bake the delicious cake.

Do you think this is enough to make you a master chef?

No, even if you have the recipe, ingredients, and tools, it doesn’t make you the best chef.

The recipe and the ingredients are one thing. They are necessary tools for your success. But much more important are the things of your inner world, which consist of your mindset, habits and thoughts.

In Naked Yoga you also need precise and good instructions for many yoga postures. You will get this every week in the form of a new video from me. But even more important than the tips and precise instructions is your inner spiritual attitude.

What do you think about the exercise? Are you motivated enough to go and practice on the yoga mat regularly? Are you too ambitious, too impatient or maybe you do not believe in the positive effects of (naked) yoga at all?

What is your mental attitude ?

If you practice regularly with the right guidance and the right mental attitude, then you too can do every position and every problem in life. Even with small steps, which you repeat over and over again, you will eventually reach your goal!

Nackt Yoga Film

Nackt Yoga Video - advanced Spezial Hero-Sequence by Elke

Today I show you in my new video an advanced hero sequence in yoga.

Virasana literally means "hero pose"

Effects of the hero position:

Vira means hero, fighter, warrior. The classical hero's seat (Virasana) is a possible sitting posture in meditation and also has many positive effects on the body.

Especially the legs of long standing or walking can relax in this seat. It is therefore ideal for all those who have to stand a lot at work. If the legs feel heavy or even swollen, this is the perfect exercise for relief and well-being. But also runners and athletes who put a lot of strain on their legs benefit from this exercise.

So take a look at the exercise sequence right now and try out the exercises.

Nude Yoga Weekly Video 21_20:

Nackt Yoga Helden Sequenz

Have a wonderful new week...

Your  Elke

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Marvin Thompson - 24. May 2020 Reply

i don’t have the english version

Jukka Naukkarin - 25. May 2020 Reply

Thank You Eke for your contribution to humanity…
Being without clothes is also symbolic of unfolding layers of conditions and
being open in heart for peace…

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