Nude Yoga Week 22_2020

Nackt Yoga Herz
Elke Nackt Yoga die Kraft des Lachens auf - Deiner Plattform für nacktes Yoga mit Elke

The power of laughter!

Gelotology - no joke - is the science of laughter.

Unfortunately, in our modern times laughter is neglected far too much. Studies from happiness research have shown that people of about 50 years have laughed 3 times as much as we do today.

Did you know: children laugh about 400 times a day, while we adults laugh an average of 15 times in the same time. (Source:

But laughter is a free miracle cure and the simplest and best medicine of all.

What happens when you laugh? The effects of laughter.


  • reduces stress
  • releases happy hormones
  • stimulates the digestion
  • increases the oxygen exchange in the brain
  • strengthens the immune system
  • relaxes and increases the general well-being

People who laugh frequently and regularly also suffer less frequently from heart disease or depression.

Our laugh muscles:

Laughing is actually quite simple.

In contrast to the gloomy look, where we need about 54 facial muscles, we only need 43 for laughing. Perhaps we have simply become more accustomed to the gloomy look, so that we don't even notice this extra effort.

When we laugh really hard, our body is engaged in a real high-performance sport. Then almost 300 different muscles are involved from face to belly. 

Laughter and the brain

When we laugh, the facial muscles between cheek and eye press exactly on a nerve that directly triggers joy and happiness hormones in our brain. Under body is flooded with positive happiness hormones and at the same time stress hormones are reduced.

Fake it, until you make it! Laughter without reason

Even or just when you don't feel like laughing, you should laugh in any case. An artificial laugh also produces all the positive effects in the brain and suddenly changes your mood.

The first 15 seconds may take some effort, but then it gets better and better. The important thing, as with nude yoga, is that you just do it. Just do it!

You can learn more about laughing in my nude yoga video today:

Nackt Yoga Film

The 1-minute-exercise against anger and frustration

Today my video is all about laughing and I also show you some really great and easy stretching exercises for the back of your legs.

I wish you lots of fun and joy with my video!

Nude Yoga Weekly Video 22_20:


Short lecture by Vera Birkenbihl about laughter ( unfortunately only in german)

I wish you a wonderfull and happy new week ...

Your Elke

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John Cooke - 31. May 2020 Reply

You are like an Angel. You have this incredible aura about you and everything you say is comfort. I often read your words smiling as you put such a positive spin on everything, during these strange times of Covid19, your teachings have been inspiring.

    Elke Le - 1. June 2020 Reply

    Thank you John for your warm words. I always try my best and I am very happy and grateful when I can reach you with my words and videos. It is always your decision!

    Stay healthy and positive

    Your Elke

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