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To practice Nude Yoga means to be free.

Elke Lechner

Here you can find everything you need to know about Nude Yoga and current dates for courses, workshops and seminars.

What is Nude Yoga?

Nackt Yoga Kurse, Seminare und Workshops

Nude Yoga is more than just practicing​ yoga naked

Nude yoga is much more than just taking off your clothes to practice yoga. 

By taking off your clothes, you are embarking on a journey that can lead you deep into your innermost being. A journey, at the end of which you will have become a completely new person. Provided that you are open and ready to rediscover something essential within yourself.

Normal yoga is one of the best ​pathways to happiness, health and contentment in life. The word "yoga" means unity or union. It means on the one hand the unity of body and mind, on the other hand the unity and connection with the whole universe, with everything that is.

Often we feel separated and alone. We suffer and experience life as a constant struggle for or against something. We waste valuable strength and life energy, which we then lack for the truly important things in life.

Working with the mind and the way inside

​Yoga is a path to the inside and to the truth. We go from the outside to the inside. First we deal with our physical body. Through different yoga postures, the Asanas, we train our body. Tensions are released and energy begins to flow again unhindered in the body. The Prana, our life energy rises and we can turn to further tasks.

​Then it is about the restless mind. Our mind is inherently restless and unstable. One thought replaces the other. Old beliefs and experiences from bygone times ensure that we cannot perceive the world and ourselves as it really is, we are subject to constant deception. And this deception is responsible for our increasing suffering in life.

In yoga we learn to calm our thoughts. This makes the mind calm and clear. Now we realize who we really are and can realize our true potential. The story of the sheep and the lion impressively illustrates this process. Read the story here!

Nude and without clothing we intensify the effects of "normal" yoga.

​By undressing our clothes, symbolically all sheaths and all exterior are discarded. We ​access immediately and without detours the pure and essential inside of our being.

What are the roots?

Nackt Yoga - indischer Sadhu

Nude Yoga is not a new invention, its roots in Hinduism are thousands of years old.

In India the Sadhus have been considered holy men for many thousands of years who practice yoga and asceticism. Today there are still said to be four to five million Sadhus in India.

Sadhu is the name given to the person who has renounced everything worldly in order to free himself from the shackles of rebirth. As a sign of this, they are completely naked and only painted with ashes, as a sign of the connection with the earth.

Not wealth, prestige and material goods are desirable for the Sadhus, but freedom and divine salvation. 

Why should you try Nude Yoga?

Nackt Yoga Vorteile und Nutzen

The thought of practicing yoga completely naked may seem strange to you at first. You may wonder what this is supposed to do, or whether it has something to do with sex. These first thoughts are completely normal and everyone has them.

However, once you have practiced Nude Yoga, you will no longer ask yourself these questions. You will quickly realize how many advantages it has to practice like this and in the end you won't get enough of it.

Below are some of the many advantages it offers you:

Going back to the roots.

Most modern people have lost contact with themselves. They no longer have any roots and are torn back and forth by everyday circumstances. Nude Yoga is a wonderful method to restore this contact. Because it teaches you to come to terms with yourself and your body.

To practice yoga naked means to be in harmony with nature.

In nature there is neither good nor bad. In nature, everything is good as it is, and everything has its meaning. As part of nature, we come into this world completely naked. No tree or plant would ever think of wanting to be anything other than what it is.

By making ourselves completely naked and free in yoga, we re-establish the connection to nature. Without any useless ballast, we live again in harmony with nature. When we practice yoga naked, we feel this natural power and harmony within us.

Nude Yoga teaches us to take responsibility.

The exercises in Nude Yoga help us to develop reverence for life and nature. All the problems of our society lie in the people themselves and not in nature. If we consciously separate ourselves from things that are not good for us, if we become courageous and try things out openly and impartially, then we begin to purify ourselves internally. In Nude Yoga we do this symbolically by taking off our clothes.

We therefore learn to take responsibility for ourselves and our lives!

Become fearless and free!

In Nude Yoga you learn to enjoy what you have instead of desiring what you lack. The thought of showing yourself naked and unclothed causes fear in the beginning for many people. By overcoming this fear, you are setting out on the path of freedom. This special kind of yoga practice teaches you to see your thoughts and fears for what they are - impermanent and transitory. If you practice regularly in this way, you will go through life fearlessly and freely.

Nude Yoga Advantages & Benefits in 7 Points

Nude Yoga ...

  • ​frees from fears and prejudices
  • ​boosts your self-confidence
  • ​helps you to accept and acknowledge yourself as you are
  • gives you a unique feeling of freedom
  • increases your mental strength
  • leads you on the most direct way to the essential
  • improves your love life

The 6 most common prejudices and fears about Nude Yoga

Unfortunately there are still a lot of prejudices against Nude Yoga. In the following I would like to clear up the most important prejudices.

  1. It's all about sex
    No, no, and no again. Nude Yoga is not primarily about sex or the satisfaction of sexual desires. On the contrary. In Nude Yoga you learn to free yourself from your (sexual) thoughts and learn what is really important. However, Naked Yoga is very good for your love life.
  2. It's only for men
    Naked Yoga is something for all people who want to develop themselves further. The best and most effective way to practice Nude Yoga is to practice it in a mixed group of men and women.
  3. It is only something for younger or older people
    The truth is that ​practicing yoga naked is completely independent of age. What is important is the inner attitude and the willingness to overcome your own limits.
  4. In Nude Yoga, everyone looks at me
    The fear is completely unfounded. In Nude Yoga everyone is sufficiently occupied with themselves after a few moments. The tasks and challenges in Nude Yoga are so varied that there is no time to be occupied with the other participants.
  5. I am ashamed to show my body naked
    Then YOU should definitely start with Nude Yoga. In Nude Yoga you learn to accept yourself as you are, inside and outside. After a few hours you will get a completely different and more positive self-image.
  6. My physical excitement as a man becomes visible and this is embarrassing
    Don't worry. This form of yoga is strenuous and demanding on all levels. The concentration on the exercises leaves no room for sexual thoughts and unwanted arousal. Should it happen, however, this would also be completely natural and no reason for embarrassment. Especially here the principle applies: Accept what is there!
Nackt Yoga Wirkungen

The effects

The various effects of Nude Yoga are manifested on the physical, mental and energetic levels.

The physical level

Nude Yoga strengthens your muscles, tendons and joints. You become stronger, more agile and flexible. Many physical problems arise from too little or one-sided movement. This often leads to agglutination and scarring of the fascial connective tissue. The fascial tissue, which is on everyone's lips at the moment, is a tissue that completely surrounds us, it enables movement and holds bones, muscles and organs in place. All organs, muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints are surrounded by fascial tissue. If the fascial tissue is not constrained it its function, it will result in physical problems of all kinds.

Nude Yoga is one of the best and most effective training methods for elastic and healthy fascial tissue.

The energetic level

A very important aspect of yoga and of course also of yoga without clothes is the energetic level.

Every living being basically consists only of energy. On the smallest level, our entire body consists of tiny atoms that are constantly in motion. A certain amount of energy is necessary for this. Without energy - there is no life. According to the philosophy of yoga, our entire body is permeated by countless energy channels, the so-called nadis. At certain points in the body many of these paths cross each other. These points are called chakras or energy points. In total there are 7 main chakras in the body, which are distributed from the bottom of the spine ​to the top of the skull.

Due to stress, lack of movement or disadvantageous behaviourial patterns, ​the energy in our body may no longer flow properly. The result can be illness or simply feeling ​fatigue, weak and powerless.

The exercises in yoga lead to an increase in the life energy - also called prana. Most participants of a Yoga or Nude Yoga class usually feel this immediately. Body and mind are completely relaxed, but at the same time you feel a wonderful strength and energy within you, as if you could uproot trees.

The mental level

However, the true magic unfolds on the mind plane.

In Nude Yoga we learn to face our fears. When we do this consciously we experience how they virtually dissolve into thin air. And much more. ​In our lives, our fears often stand in the way to preventing them and doing what we actually want to do. Freed from fears we experience an incredible feeling of freedom and strength.

In Nude Yoga we learn to concentrate by recognizing what we carry around in our lives as unnecessary burden. The motto "less is more" is especially true in Nude Yoga.

Nackt Yoga positive Wirkungen

Nude Yoga means learning to love yourself!

No matter how I look or feel, I know that I am always perfect and good as I am.

I don't let myself be influenced by external things or by my thoughts or feelings and I don't let myself be distracted from my actual path.

In Nude Yoga I learn to accept myself with all my quirks, faults and weaknesses. I discover a deep peace within myself and feel connected to the whole universe. Bright light, peace and strength flow through me and fill every cell of my body. I am wonderful, unique and divine. I am a part of the whole and the whole is a part of me. I find myself in unity and harmony.

Nude Yoga & Sex

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“Since I practice regularly, my sex life has changed 180 degrees to the positive”

- Nude Yoga class participants -

It is not about sex, but it increases sexual power and energy. Regular Nude Yoga practice unleashes your sexual energy and lets it rise to previously unimagined heights.

What many don't know: Sexual energy is a powerful primal force that is hidden in all of us regardless of age or gender. This energy is much more than what we usually associate with sexual practices or techniques. It is an unimaginable power, a basic energy that lies dormant in all of us. And this energy not only affects our sexual life, but determines our entire life.

This sexual energy is the motor and driving force for all our work. Our appearance, our looks and our charisma are decisively dependent on this power. 

Tantra as the origin of all energies

Nackt Yoga, Sex & Tantra

Yoga and Tantra are closely connected, they have the same roots and ultimately have the same goal. Unity & Harmony.

According to the philosophy in Tantra, cosmic energy is separated by a primal vibration. Shiva and Shakti have been created. While Shiva represents the male energy, Shakti symbolizes the female side of energy.

Tantra ​is about reuniting these energies with the help of different techniques and rituals. According to this philosophy, this eliminates all suffering and the feeling of incompleteness.

This is how Nude Yoga unleashes your sexual energy.

Lack of sexual desire and lack of sexual power is a widespread problem. And it usually occurs at an advanced age. But beware, it is not at all due to age itself, but rather to the mental behaviors we have acquired over time.

We have a wrong idea of ourselves and look at ourselves and the world around us as through glasses. The decisive thing is that these glasses are coloured by the experiences and lessons of the past. Thus, over the course of time, layer after layer has been laid over our actually boundless primal sexual power, so that it now only represents a fraction of its actual strength. We have forgotten how to accept, embrace and love ourselves. And with other people this is also increasingly difficult for us.

Through the regular practice of Nude Yoga, we turn back the wheel of time to a certain extent. When we practice yoga naked, we become children again. We become open and unbiased and we accept ourselves as we are. Full of zest for action and energy we make contact with other people and feel comfortable in our own skin.

When we as adults reject a part of ourselves, this also means rejecting a part of our sexuality. By learning to accept ourselves again with all our weaknesses, we automatically increase our sexual energy.

Addictions, compulsions and misconceptions lead us to unconsciously direct our sexual energy into the wrong channels, resulting in a splitting and weakening of our sexual energy. Nude Yoga strengthens our concentration and directs our energy towards the fulfilment of our true goals. As a result, after a short time we feel a significant increase in our sexual energy. And this shows not only in an improved and more active love life, but in all facets of our life.

Nude Yoga Videos and Instructions

Nackt Yoga Videos mit Elke
Nackt Yoga Videos mit Elke
Nackt Yoga Videos mit Elke

Here you can find some free Nude Yoga videos and instructions with Elke. You can find more videos, instructions and workouts in the members area. Here you can find more information.

Video Trailer -

Video Trailer -

How to Learn to Handstand

Video Trailer -

The Little Book of Good Wishes

Meditation and Self-knowledge

Nude Yoga in Practice

Every beginning is difficult. In order to avoid this happening with your first Nude Yoga class, you will find below some advice for your practice:

10 tips for the first Nude Yoga class

  1. Be there on time, at least 30 minutes before.
  2. Bring a towel big enough.
  3. Pay attention to sufficient personal hygiene before the lesson.
  4. Try not to think about the class so much before.
  5. When you are excited, consciously focus on your breathing.
  6. Pay as little attention as possible to the other participants.
  7. Close your eyes as often as possible and concentrate only on the instructions of the yoga teacher.
  8. Always remember: Everything that happens is good!
  9. Don't get discouraged if it doesn't work out the way you want it to.
  10. Trust your yoga teacher, she really only wants the best for you.

Nude Yoga classes, seminars and workshops in 2020

August 2020 - 7 days Nude Yoga Workshop with Elke in the country hotel "Altes Zollhaus" in the Erzgebirge

Further information and booking possibilities directly on the website of the country hotel.

Landhotel Altes Zollhaus
Altenberger Str. 7
01776 Neuhermsdorf/ Erzgebirge

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