The 10 Secrets of Health.

We all want to live as long as possible and stay as healthy as possible. Here you will learn the 10 secrets for a long and healthy life.

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Tip 1: The Spirit
Our mind can overcome pain, heal illness and help us to feel good all around. We can train our mind and take care of it as we take care of our body. Yoga & Meditation are suitable instruments for the training of the mind.

Tip 2: The breath
Our breath is our faithful companion all our lives. Pay him more attention and be grateful - he will keep you alive. Deep breathing is relaxing, relieves mental and emotional stress and provides us with a lot of energy. Breathe in and out 3 to 5 times deep with your stomach several times a day.

Tip 3: The Movement
Regular physical activity is one of the best ways to overcome physical and mental illness. Running or yoga for 20 minutes a day - true wonders work best in the fresh air.

Tip 4: Nutrition
To stay healthy, a good diet is important. Always stick to the 4 most important rules. As fresh as possible, as unprocessed as possible, as little sugar as possible and not too much.

Tip 5: Laughing
Laughter is healthy and therefore always the most effective method to relieve pain and heal disease. It is nice when we laugh, and it also stimulates our immune system. Babies laugh on average 400 times a day, adults 17 times a day. How often have you laughed today?

Tip 6: Peace & serenity
We should always incorporate relaxation phases for body, mind and soul into our everyday life. Do not worry unnecessarily about your life, the security you wish for does not exist anyway. Life means constant change, accept and be grateful for what life gives you.

Tip 7: The posture
Our posture influences our mood, our emotions and therefore our overall health. You should always be aware of your outer and inner posture and we should simply change bad habits. For a good posture our balance is crucial.

Tip 8: The environment
A healthy environment requires fresh, clean air and, of course, daylight. We should always pay attention to our environment, do something about it whether at work or at home, because this is the only way we can really feel comfortable.

Tip 9: Faith
It is well known that our faith can move mountains and make things possible that often seem impossible. Our faith releases in us a power that can often cause the inexplicable. Always believe in yourselves and in your perfect health.

Tip 10: Love
To be loved and to give love is the most important thing here on earth. Love yourself too and accept yourself as you are - you too are a creature according to the will of God.

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