Elke Lechner & Naked Yoga

Learn more about me and how I got into naked yoga.

How I got into naked yoga.

I would like to tell you here my path to yoga and my understanding of Naked Yoga. I personally owe so much to yoga and especially naked yoga. Yoga has saved me in the truest sense of the word.

Since childhood I have been on a quest for self-discovery, and authenticity! I always thought it would be best to follow this yoga path alone, but for me this meant all these years only Hatha Yoga, the body-oriented path on the mat. It made me very strong and agile, but my mind was still restless and constantly looking for something new, better and more! Somehow I never felt good enough. What was wrong with me?

And so it is with many people I know, always looking for more, always feeling they have to do better. And so they live in a feeling of permanent lack instead of recognizing that the fullness has actually been there for a long time. In concrete terms I mean: always having to compare oneself, to be able to do even more asanas, to be even more flexible, even more fit and so on. But yoga tells us again and again: Accept yourself as you are, stop fighting against yourself! In naked yoga you learn: you are perfect the way you are.

My experience and training in yoga and fitness

I have been teaching yoga, fitness and Pilates continuously for more than 20 years.

I practice yoga daily and by that I don't mean 30 minutes or so. I used to practice yoga up to 4 hours a day in my extreme times. Today it's not quite as much, but about two hours of yoga is still the order of the day for me.

For me, yoga does not mean to stick to one particular yoga style. I like to mix different yoga styles and try out what works for me.

And so in my daily practice and also in my classes you will find elements from Vinyasa flow, Jivamukti yoga, Ana Forrest yoga, Ashtanga yoga, yoga therapy, pranayama, energy exercises and meditation. 

My Vita

  • 1997 – Training as a nurse
  • 2000 – 2-year yoga teacher training in a modular system BYV
  • 2005 – 5 years of experience in animation in different international vacation clubs
  • 2006 – 1-year yoga teacher training Ashtanga Yoga BDY in Cologne
  • 2010 – 2-year retraining as fitness specialist BSA in Munich
  • 2010 – Yogatherapy training with Christiane Wolf in Frankfurt, Insideyoga

How I got into yoga.

My 1st encounter was at the VHS of a normal Hatha yoga class. I was 16 years old at the time and just wanted to try it out, but it turned into something more, much more! The most beautiful thing for me was always the relaxation at the end, just lying there and not having to do anything. I never had any problems with that, on the contrary I felt protected and well taken care of.

Due to the many fears I had to endure at home because my father was mentally ill, I was looking for a place of refuge where I could breathe. So yoga always gave me the necessary strength to go on with my life and also to achieve the goals I had.

I felt more than super through both for several years, but over the years I slid into the sidelines without consciously wanting to! It was a creeping process with highs and lows! But I am a master of what it takes to ride on such waves! I would say of myself I am a " stand-up girl "!

Yoga has helped me get through even the hardest times of my life.

After graduating from technical college, I trained as a nurse, which was very fulfilling for me because I loved helping people. It gave me recognition and above all the confidence that other people are much worse off than I am. But the situation at home got worse and worse:

My father became an alcoholic and had suicidal thoughts, and I sank deeper and deeper into a black hole.

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What I learned from yoga:

I stand by my past for which I am not to blame and which I cannot undo. What has happened, has happened. But I take responsibility for what happens in the future. The future is my responsibility. What I do now, today or not determines my future. I have become aware of this.

On my homepage and through my videos and courses I would like to pass on to you all my knowledge, skills and my numerous life experiences. I want to show you how you can find access to your inexhaustible source of strength with the help of yoga and I want to bring you closer to the richness that the yoga path holds for you.

Yoga means to me" freedom in doing, thinking and acting and not dogmatically follow any gurus", because the real art in yoga is to live your life, happy and satisfied, not to give up even in difficult situations and to always have faith in something higher.

Another small piece of advice from me: If you are really in deep shit; close your eyes, breathe as well as you can and trust in the best that will come. Life is just and never leads you astray, only you can do this!

What can you expect in my naked yoga class?

Exercises for beginners and advanced

I love simple exercises, but also challenging asanas and sweaty workouts. In my members area you will find both: basic postures, fitness exercises for the whole body and challenging asanas.

Anatomically based knowledge

In my classes and videos, I place a lot of emphasis on anatomically correct practice and clear instructions. Yoga exercises done incorrectly can do more harm than good. That's why your health is my focus.

Motivation & Inspiration

Let yourself be infected by my passion for naked yoga. With me it is true: I live what I teach. Everything I show you, I have experienced myself and experienced on my own body. Yoga is good for you - and I will prove that to you.

Practical tips and guidance

Yoga is skilfulness in action. My videos are full of concrete and practical tips for your everyday life. With my exercises you stay physically and mentally young and powerful longer.

It is important that you find your own yoga practice, without dogmatically following a certain yoga style just because it is fashionable! Just find joy and fun in moving, breathing and laughing again and then your energy will flow in your body.

You will find short as well as long sequences for beginners but also for advanced yogis! My classes are based on Vinyasa Yoga, but also on fitness elements that support the yoga practice very well. Therefore also very suitable for athletes and professional athletes.

You must try to find YOUR balance, your balance in life.

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