Naked Yoga Live-Stream

90 minutes full live yoga class with Elke.

Be there: Every Tuesday: Live Naked Yoga Hour with Elke

Every week a brand new live nude yoga class
Live Nackt Yoga Stunde mit Elke

From now on you can watch me training regularly. Every Tuesday I am live for you. You will see a complete yoga class over 90 minutes.

Alternately, the focus is more on longer yoga postures. This hour is therefore a little gentler and especially suitable for yoga beginners and beginners.

The next time there will be a Vinyasa Flow Yoga hour. Flowing movements and sometimes more advanced postures and exercise sequences will take you to your limits and make you sweat. 

Live lesson contents:

  • We start with a small initial relaxation and the "arrival" in the yoga hour
  • Preparation and thorough warm-up of the entire body. Here we take and in each case the most important muscle groups and joints.
  • Actual Hatha Yoga practice with the individual postures
  • Final relaxation and meditation

Dates & Times:

Tuesday: 20.00 to 21.30 (CET)

Elke doing naked yoga livestream

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