Video series: How to learn the headstand in yoga!

So lernst du den Kopfstand im Yoga

The headstand in yoga also called Shirshasana or Sirsasana is called the queen among the asanas. Why this is so and how you can learn the headstand without hurting yourself, that's what this and my video series is about.

Preliminary note

The headstand is a very powerful and effective asana in yoga. However, it is also not completely harmless and should not be performed by people with problems in the shoulder, neck or neck area, who suffer from high blood pressure or have significant overweight or only under professional guidance and / or after consultation with a doctor.

Kopfstand lernen - Vorbemerkungen

The effects

The headstand is an inverted posture and has a rejuvenating effect. Especially if you have to sit or stand a lot, this asana is particularly beneficial, because the blood can flow down from the legs. The exercise prevents varicose veins and improves digestion.

On the physical level, you train your balance and strengthen not only the core muscles, but also the neck and shoulder muscles. On the mental level you learn to look at the world and maybe yourself from a different perspective. When you stand on your head, you also turn your inner and outer world upside down, so to speak. 


Kopfstand lernen - Abstand abmessen

Step 1:

 Measure the arm distance and place the head correctly on the floor.

So lernst du den Kopfstand im Yoga

Step 2: 

Walking with the feet to the body and finding balance.

Kopfstand lernen - Beine anheben

Step 3: 

Slowly release both legs from the floor.

Kopfstand lernen - in die Endposition kommen
Kopfstand lernen - Variationen

Step 4: 

With bent legs slowly come to the final position and possible variations.

3-part Video series

In my video and exercise series I show and explain in detail and step by step how you can safely learn the headstand.

Video 01 Kopfstand Grundlagen
Video 02 Kopfstand lernen Aufbau Teil 01
Kopfstand lernen Aufbau und Variationen

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