The Ujjayi breathing - one of the most important breathing exercises in Naked Yoga!

The Ujjayi Breath in Naked Yoga

The Breath

"A friend is who sings to you the song of your soul when you have forgotten it.

The breath is a friend who takes you into its vibration, its liveliness, its tenderness and intimacy and into its power and carries and holds you. If you have forgotten it, do not respect it, live against its - your - vibration, you have forgotten yourself. And yet he is always there, singing to you the song of your soul.
You only have to listen."

Herta Richter - Breath Therapist

Without breathing - no life!

Breathing is controlled by the autonomic nervous system and functions quite automatically if we do not consciously concentrate on it, as in yoga or naked yoga. Because breathing is vital - without breath no life.

Behind what sounds so trivial is much more than we suspect at first glance. The breath, the most important and at the same time most underestimated element of our life.

Breathing accompanies us our whole life and at the same time has a great influence on our life, because it represents, so to speak, the link between our body and mind.

The breath, the link between body & mind

When we are excited or under stress, we breathe faster and shallower. Emotions like fear, anger or sadness unconsciously influence our breathing. But we can also reverse this process. If we concentrate on our breathing, consciously breathe deeply or slowly in and out, this has a direct influence on our mind. We come to rest and relax.

We can directly and immediately influence our mental state by consciously changing our breathing. When we learn to consciously deal with our breath, we receive a powerful tool for our entire life.

(Naked-) Yoga and the breath

Die Atmung im Nackt Yoga

Breathing is not only vital, but also represents the central element in yoga. Conscious breathing distinguishes the exercises in yoga from other similar exercises in fitness or gymnastics.

In yoga, by concentrating on breathing over and over again, we gain power over our mind in a certain sense. We can influence it through breathing. The word "yoga" means unity or connection. It also means the unity of body and mind.

In a good yoga class, we notice this when we get into a kind of flow state. We no longer think about our everyday worries, but merge with the exercises into a unity. We are completely in the here and now. Focusing on the breath in yoga helps us quiet our thoughts. As a reward we get a feeling of peace and contentment.

By the way, the effect of conscious breathing can be seen especially in naked yoga, where the thoughts are much more outside and altogether confused, especially in the beginning.

The Ujjayi Breath in Yoga

Die Ujjayi Atmung im Nackt Yoga

Ujjayi breathing is a special breathing technique in yoga. The generic term for all breathing exercises and techniques in yoga is also called pranayama. Prana stands for the life energy, which can be consciously directed through certain exercises.

Ujjayi breathing is also called the victorious breathing. It is used in almost every good yoga class. When we breathe Ujjayi, our breath becomes audible and thus we become more aware of it. It then resembles a gentle sound of the ocean and we experience the breath as waves of infinity flowing through our body. This is achieved by narrowing our glottis a little bit.

How this works exactly and what you should pay attention to, I show you in my naked yoga exercise video "The Ujjayi Breath".

Naked Yoga Video - The Ujjayi Breathing: Background ,Application & Exercises

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