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Hello, I'm Elke,

Yoga teacher, Nude Yoga teacher and fitness trainer. I also work as a photo model. I like to show myself, love yoga and fitness and the feeling of being completely free when I am naked.

On my pages you will find many videos, photos, instructions & workouts about yoga, Nude Yoga and fitness. In my videos I attach great importance to detailed and exact representation, as well as anatomically correct and healthy performance.

In my protected members area you will find over 120 videos and instructions for beginners as well as advanced yoga exercises and sweaty Nude Yoga fitness workouts.

Nacktyoga mit Elke

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Naked Yoga with Elke
Naked Yoga with Elke

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Naked Yoga meets Yin Yoga - Stretching of heart and lung meridian!

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01 Nude Yoga Videos, Instructions & Workouts

Currently you can find over 120 videos in the members area and new ones are added every month. In all videos I show and explain the practiced postures in detail. I pay special attention to anatomically healthy performance of the postures and correct alignment.

02 Nude Yoga Videos for beginners

For beginners I explain in my videos all necessary basics, show simple exercises and exercise sequences for a gentle nude yoga. Additionally you will find a complete Nude Yoga class especially for beginners.

03 Challenging nude CrossFitYoga sequences and fitness workouts

I love powerful and demanding yoga. In numerous videos I show you advanced and demanding postures and exercise sequences. To burn off energy I show you some sweaty nude fitness workouts that will make you really fit.

04 Energy exercises - meditation & relaxation

In my videos I show you energy exercises with which you can quickly and easily increase or harmonize your energy level. Thus you get more power and energy for your everyday life. Special relaxation and meditation exercises will lead you to a deep inner peace and relaxation, so that you can deal better with the daily stress.

05 Photo Gallery - Photoshootings & privat

In my photo gallery you will find many professional photos from different shootings as well as a variety of very private photos.

06 Elke - very private

In this section I will let you participate in my life a little bit :-). Here you will also find many private videos - most of them recorded in my favourite country "Thailand".

07 Personal support

For long-term members - 6 months membership, there is a very special service: Premium members receive a very personal video message from me every week.

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Nude Yoga with Elke via Skype

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Nacktyoga mit Elke - die beste Übung bei akuten Knieschmerzen
Nackt Yoga mit Elke
Nackt Yoga mit Elke
Nacktyoga mit Elke
Nacktyoga mit Elke
Nacktyoga - der Paradisvogel

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More information about Nude Yoga and me!

What does Nude Yoga mean for me personally?

Nude Yoga for me is more than "just" practicing yoga naked. Nude Yoga gives me a feeling of freedom in a way and of a quality that I have never experienced before. Nude Yoga has changed me and my life positively. I have learned to accept myself as I am. I have learned to overcome boundaries that are only in my head and to really be who I really am.

Why Nude Yoga?

Nude Yoga leads you to your inner being, your core, your true self, which is free of constraints and conventions. By taking off your clothes for Nude Yoga, you also take off everything outside in the figurative sense. Suddenly you are only confronted with your naked existence. The facade is gone, all protective layers have fallen and you discover who you really are. 

If you practice Nude Yoga, you will benefit from it on many different levels. 

  1. You learn to overcome fears and cross borders.
  2. You develop courage and self-confidence.
  3. You get a better (healthy) relationship with your body.
  4. You discover who you really are.

Although we were born naked, we often feel uncomfortable in this natural state of our physical being. When we learn to accept ourselves as we are, with all our avoidable weaknesses and faults, naked and vulnerable, we suddenly discover a deep inner feeling of strength and freedom. The recognition of this inner strength leads us to a deep relaxation. By no longer clinging on to outward appearances we develop undreamt-of inner strength and are rooted in a deep basic trust.

Quotation marks image white opaque auf - Deiner Plattform für nacktes Yoga mit Elke

When I practice yoga completely naked, I honour every part of me and experience the feeling of wholeness and connectedness with everything. Practicing nude yoga goes far beyond ordinary nudity and leads to a deeper understanding of the human being.

Practicing nude yoga is also a liberating self-love. The passing of clothes and accepting what is there led me to the deepest and most touching moments in my life.

Elke - Nude Yoga Teacher

What does Yoga mean?

Yoga is a term from Sanskrit and can most closely be translated to unity, union, bringing things together. Unity of body, mind and soul. Yoga leads you back to the source of being, your being. At the origin, where everything began, everything was one and the feeling of unity was omnipresent. Today most people live in the feeling of lack and run after the removal of that lack. Yoga brings you to peace and lets you realize that everything essential is already there and the fullness is omnipresent in your life. To recognize this gives you freedom to live in abundance and existence, the unity with all that is.

How did Nude Yoga come about?

Nude Yoga or "nagana" yoga has a long tradition and can be traced back to ancient times.

The Indian Naga Sadhus chose nudity as a sign of purity and to break with the material side of human life and the constraints and demands of human life. For many people nudity is still a taboo subject and the thought of showing oneself naked and completely defenceless is unimaginable. The love and acceptance of one's own body is one of the most challenging but also most rewarding challenges to be faced. The Indian sadhus still practice this "naked" kind of yoga today and increasingly people in the West are recognizing this wonderful opportunity to dissolve material and emotional ties.

Short & Concise - 8 good reasons why you should start with Nude Yoga

  1. It increases your creativity and awakens dormant potentials within you.
  2. It helps you overcome your fears.
  3. It leads you to inner freedom by helping you to free yourself from negative patterns of action.
  4. It increases your powers of concentration.
  5. It leads to a deep inner transformation and inner peace.
  6. It increases your self-confidence by learning to accept and love yourself as you are.
  7. It activates and increases your sexual power.
  8. Nude Yoga is fun, saves money and leads you to spiritual wealth.

More interesting and worth reading

Videos and Trailer

In my videos I attach great importance to clear and understandable cueing and anatomically correct and healthy practice.

Nude Yoga photo shooting in the Sauerland!

For many years I lived in the Sauerland near Meschede, Germany. The great nature around me has always motivated me to the craziest shootings. The following photos I took at the Romberg. You can find more photos in my Members Area.

Nackt Yoga im Sauerland Bild 01
Nackt Yoga im Sauerland Bild 02
Nackt Yoga im Sauerland Bild 03
Nackt Yoga im Sauerland Bild 04
Nackt Yoga im Sauerland Bild 05
Nackt Yoga im Sauerland Bild 06
Nackt Yoga im Sauerland Bild 07
Nackt Yoga im Sauerland Bild 08
Nacktyoga bei Kniearthrose
Nacktyoga bei Kniearthrose

Dates for courses, seminars and workshops in 2020

Nackt Yoga Vorteile und Nutzen

That's what my members say!

Over 1,200 satisfied customers from all over the world can't be wrong. Here you will find a letter and feedback I have received...

The weekly new videos constantly help me improve my own practice and show me how to attain postures and movements which photos do not always show. Thank you Elke.

John H.

Dear Elke First of all, thank you so much for your wonderful videos. You are such an inspiration. I enjoy watching and learning new exercises from you. I have, as many other my age, some problems with my back. I work out 4-5 times a week, but every morning i have to do exercises home before going to work. I do some of the exercises learned from watching you and are doing much better now 🙂 I live in Denmark and now and then i am visiting a friend in Hallenberg. He has a gasthouse for motorcyclists. I Love to drive my bike on the wonderful roads in Sauerland. It is close to your home in Mescheden and i would really like to have a privat lesson with you some time. Maybe it can be arranged some time. Looking foreward to you next video. All the best from Henrik

Henrik R

This is the best yoga instructional site that I have ever come across. Elke provides very clear directions, and her demonstrations of correct technique are inspiring. She does more than just explain the asanas, going on to expound the philosophy of yoga and meditation. Her flexibility and poise in the videos are beautiful to watch, and illustrate the physical toning and conditioning that regular dedicated practice can develop. Just one suggestion for improvement: for those of us who are not fluent in German, it would be very helpful to have English subtitles to the videos.

John J

Hi Elke i really enjoy your videos and have been a member for a number of years. I also follow rhyanna watson and wonder if you could do some items similar to hers? Also could you vary the camera position for your routines not just right angled to the camera and perhaps be slightly closer to the camera even a mobile camera? looking forward to your ongoing work Ben


I like very much your naked yoga videos, more especially when it is filmed in the nature which is not so often. Also I like the photos but too few remain permanently on the site. One important limitation I have is that I don't understand german and therefore many videos are not useful for me like for instance your last series on yoga benefit to sex. Thank you anyway for your nice videos, I just would like to practice more... with love and peace with nature Philippe


Elke, Love your videos! (especially those filmed outdoors). They're challenging and inspiring. You're unbelievably fit and your story makes them even more compelling. In terms of the site and the membership: I'm not sure the site automatically remembers me as a previous visitor or a member, which many subscription sites do (I always accept cookies). As a result, I sometimes find myself leaving, because I can't access content I've paid to view. I may be doing something wrong, but perhaps others are experiencing the same thing. Keep up the wonderful work. (A suggestion: if you conduct naked yoga classes, it would be great for viewers to "participate" in those.)

Ken G

Please tell me when it is time to renew. And please provide ALL pages in the English language. thank you


Sweet Elke Where am I so happy to be a member of your naked yoga site. You're just the world's best yoga girl a skilled teacher you are soooooooooooo sweet and lovely I can see you do yoga med your wonderful Heart and you take Heart with I am a great fan of you I love you so much I wish you will make on of your many beautiful Photos with your autograph on to me I will pay for it ofcouse... You will alway be in my Heart Big Hugs and Kiss from Your fan in Denmark Bjarne

Bjarne N Denmark

Elke has a nice personality and in her videos she relates to you on a personal level. It is as if she were there in the room with you as you practice with her in the nude. I love her body movements and enjoy the full frontal views of her naked. She encourages you to be active as well as being erotic at the same time.


I started yoga to improve my mobility, especially in my back, hips and knees. I have been impressed by how much less pain I have in these areas now . The weekly video is both motivational and informative. There is no overload of information but clear instruction in short bites. The flow of movement with naked yoga feels so much more natural and relaxing. I have enjoyed reading and contemplating on the short stories that Elke has included in the weekly video. So, all in all, I am a happy guy.


Your videos are very informative and are full of information about the stretches and the purpose of each I believe that most people and myself would get a lot from watching and working out with you Your nude videos are not only invigorating you can also see the muscle groups working and your in great shape


For me, as a beginner in Yoga, it was difficult to find a video practice with detailed descriptions and most importantly understandable. A very important point is the feedback, when you can get a professional answer to any question on the practice of Yoga. Dear Elke , thank you for the video tutorials , for the detailed online consultations, my practice began to progress, I feel part of the team. This year I extended my membership because Eke is the best yoga teacher on the way to perfection . With love, Aleksey. Выделите текст, чтобы посмотреть примеры


Hi Elke, I like your videos very much. I'm rather beginner and as I see your videos useful for me. And you are a very attractive and exciting lady. 🙂 But unfortunately most of these videos in this "member package" already were available before I registered. I hoped there were a little bit more "new" stuff. 🙂 András

András Mikó

In the following some photos from my instructional video "Splits Workshop - Hanumanasana - How to learn the splits".

Nackt Yoga mit Elke - Foto 01
Nackt Yoga mit Elke Foto 02
Nackt Yoga mit Elke Foto 03
Nackt Yoga mit Elke Foto 04
Nackt Yoga mit Elke Foto 05
Nackt Yoga mit Elke Foto 06

A member wrote this to me:

"Hello dear Elke, thank you for your very kind welcome. Yes and thank you for the very nice photos of you. I found the possibility to do naked yoga on your really very good website. Compliment to your site.

You and your site are very informative and motivating. Your beautiful and inspiring way of teaching nude yoga on your site and in your videos is really fun.

I have a lot of respect for you and your grace while browsing through your site. Your exercises and instructions are very well explained and shown in your videos. So I also felt like joining in and enjoying my own perception of my body and the pleasure of my self, even in the nude, without blockades.

Of course I also have to say that I enjoy seeing and observing you naked during your exercises. I walk through my life with all my senses and of course I like to take the pleasant things with me.

Yes, exactly... you are a very pleasant person, a gorgeous and cheerful woman with a very beautiful and really erotic body, where I enjoy experiencing and learning more from you with the mixture of your elegant and stimulating nudity, as well as the professional, sporty yoga and life attitude.

You have a fine mixture of inspiration, love of life and refreshing and rousing devotion for your nude yoga. I'm sure, as I got to know you on your site, that a certain addiction factor in a positive sense will probably make me a longer subscriber with you.

Thank you again for your beautiful and certainly erotic photos and videos. I would certainly like to book private nude yoga classes with you to intensify my path.

I am looking forward to what is coming. Many thanks ... Michael..."

Quotation marks image 03 auf - Deiner Plattform für nacktes Yoga mit Elke

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Nacktyoga - Nakedyoga Elke

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