Simplify your mind now 

by  Elke Lechner

"Man, think about it!"

Have you ever heard this sentence from your parents, friends, acquaintances?

Is well meant, unfortunately, will not really solve your problems.

Is only on the surface.

The real problems in our lives do not arise because we think too little, but too much.

Life is the way you think about it.

Do you feel that your life is complicated?

Then you are thinking too much and too complicated.

Trying to solve a problem with what it was created with is not very smart.

Your feelings and emotions have their roots in your thoughts.

You want more happiness, relaxation and satisfaction in your life?

Then simplify your thinking. Simplify your mind!

That's what yoga is all about.

And in meditation your thinking, as you know it, comes to a complete standstill.

If you ask yourself now, what is left?

Sat Chid Ananda - pure consciousness, everlasting happiness, true freedom and a deep peace.

Don't you believe?

Then why don't you give it a try?

I will help you!

Elke Lechner

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