4 Mobility exercises for every day 

by  Elke

In today's weekly video, I'll show you four great mobility exercises for more mobility in your life.

Start doing them today.

I take responsibility...

Instead of focusing on what is going wrong in my life, I focus my attention on what is right and good and do more of it.

I look at what I have achieved so far and not at what I have not achieved.

I don't compare myself to others and I don't judge myself. Above all, I don't devalue myself when I'm not what I want to be.

I ask myself: What do I love? What is good for me? Who is good for me? What gives me joy? So that I consciously create more beautiful and good experiences in my life.

I stop worrying about things that are not within my control and that I can't control.

I stop wasting my time expecting others to change for my sake.

I start with myself when I want to improve something in my life, regardless of what others say or do.

I take responsibility for myself and my life.

(Naked) yoga, meditation and mindfulness help me to do this.

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Hallo, ich bin Elke. Seit meinem 16. Lebensjahr praktiziere ich täglich Yoga. Ich liebe und lebe Yoga, Nacktyoga und Fitness. Folge mir hier in die Welt des Nacktyogas.

Hello, my name is Elke. I have been practicing yoga every day since I was 16 years old. I love and live yoga, naked yoga and fitness. Follow me here into the world of naked yoga.

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