4 SOS exercises for a lumbago 

by  Elke

When the back hurts, it can have many different causes. Common pain triggers are the so-called lumbago and the sciatic nerve. Both are similar, but unlike lumbago, sciatic pain shoots down the leg and into the foot.

In this video, I'll show you 4 instant relief exercises for lower back pain.


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Hallo, ich bin Elke. Seit meinem 16. Lebensjahr praktiziere ich täglich Yoga. Ich liebe und lebe Yoga, Nacktyoga und Fitness. Folge mir hier in die Welt des Nacktyogas.

Hello, my name is Elke. I have been practicing yoga every day since I was 16 years old. I love and live yoga, naked yoga and fitness. Follow me here into the world of naked yoga.

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  • Dear Elke, thank you for these great exercises for the lower back! I very rarely have back problems but when I do get them, it’s very painful and there are many moves I cannot do. I’ve already done this exercise on the edge of my bed, it relieves some of the pain or it can also cause my vertebras to get back in place and the nerve is no longer pinched, therefore the pain can disappear very suddenly. Have a wonderful day

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