Rotation exercise for the thoracic spine 

by  Elke

The Corkscrew - Rotational Exercise for the Thoracic Spine

In this video I show you a short and quick exercise with which you can do something good for your back.

In the "corkscrew" you rotate and twist your spine and stretch the shoulder area.

The golden Buddha

Golden Buddha

A monastery in Thailand moved to a new location, and a group of monks had the task of transporting the giant clay Buddha statue.

In the middle of the move, one of the monks noticed a crack in the statue. Worried that they might damage the Buddha even more, the monks decided to wait for a day. When night fell, one of the monks went to check on the massive statue.

He shone a flashlight all over the Buddha. When he saw the crack, he noticed a reflection.

Driven by curiosity, the monk got a hammer and chisel and chipped away piece by piece from the clay Buddha. The Buddha began to shine more and more.

After hours of work, the monk looked up and saw, to his amazement, a giant Buddha made of pure gold standing before him.

Many historians believe that in earlier centuries the Buddha statue had been covered with a layer of clay by Thai monks before an attack by the Burmese army. They did this to prevent the from being stolen. During the attack all the monks were killed, so the great treasure was discovered only in 1957 during the procession.

Just like the Buddha, we too have built up an outer shell, a facade, over time. Perhaps out of fear of not being loved or accepted as we actually are.

And then it can happen that we somehow feel like we are broken, shattered, or not quite right.

But instead of seeing ourselves as less than perfect, broken, or fractured, let's recognize what we really are: indestructible and infinitely valuable. Because underneath the deposits of pain and suffering, we were perfect all along. Naked Yoga helps you to do this!


Hallo, ich bin Elke. Seit meinem 16. Lebensjahr praktiziere ich täglich Yoga. Ich liebe und lebe Yoga, Nacktyoga und Fitness. Folge mir hier in die Welt des Nacktyogas.

Hello, my name is Elke. I have been practicing yoga every day since I was 16 years old. I love and live yoga, naked yoga and fitness. Follow me here into the world of naked yoga.

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